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Business Pricing

QuantHub has a flexible pricing model to match the needs of companies of any size or in any industry.
Our 3 package offerings can be billed monthly or annually.

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Individual account with full access to multiple-choice test library for all quant candidate roles/skills


*1 free month

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Corporate account with full access to all stages of quant candidate evaluation + ATS integration


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Corporate account with full access to quant candidate evaluations + support for custom evaluations


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Each package includes the ability to recruit for one position. There is a one-time fee for each additional position vetted using QuantHub. One-time fees start at $2,500 per position for first 10 positions – see details here. The number of positions vetted re-sets annually.

Positions Fee
2-10 $2,500
11-25 $2,000
26-50 $1,500
51-100 $1,000
101+ $500

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