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Data Science Skills AssessmentsMatt Johnson
Data Scientist

Data Science Skills Assessments

For Businesses

Hire with confidence and build a skilled and engaged data science and analytics team.

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For Data Scientists

Showcase your technical skills and connect with leading companies looking for data science talent.

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Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

QuantHub works with your team to make sure you’re assessing the right skills and hiring for the role that fits your needs.

Get our starter pack today! It includes a 1 hour consult with our team and as many assessments needed to fill 3 positions over the course of 12 months.

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3 positions
3 positions
1 hour consult
1 hour consult

Think if you had to do this many data science skills assesments manually!

Data Science Skills Assessments


Candidates assessed for data science and technical skills

Data Science Skills Assessments


hours of data science skills assessments

What is the Quant Crunch?

12.5%Data scientist positions take 12.5% longer to fill

25%+25%+ of recruiting processes end with a bad hire

29.4%Average churn among data science professionals

$83KAverage cost of bad data scientist hire

Beat the Quant Crunch by following our
3 Step Guide for Building a Strong Data Science Team

Don’t take our word for it…

Nikola F. Nikola F.
Tech Recruiter

I have 500 candidates for this role – how can I possibly determine the best fit? …and quickly?

Mike N. Mike N.
Director of Analytics

My analytics team seems disengaged – I’m not providing them enough learning opportunities

Julia C. Julia C.
Data Science Lead

I’m not sure how strong our team really is…yet I know great quants want to work around and learn from other great quants

Steven H. Steven H.
Director of HR

I don’t need a generic skill assessment – I need an assessment that fits my unique positions and needs

Jeremy L. Jeremy L.
Data Scientist

There are so many options for data science and analytics training – which one is right for me?