When it comes to vetting and developing data scientists and data engineers, we are the industry experts.

Research shows most companies are struggling to hire and retain top-notch data scientists and data engineers. It is imperative that companies have an efficient and effective solution for vetting and developing these roles.

StrategyWise, one of the fastest growing Data Science firms in the country, addressed this challenge by creating an in-house, AI-driven solution to help screen candidates and improve their vetting process. It wasn’t long before their corporate clients asked to use the platform, leading to the birth of QuantHub.

If you’ve experienced any of the following roadblocks, we need to chat.

  • Regrettable/costly hiring decisions
  • Too much time spent by your Data Science leaders vetting candidates through manual processes
  • High churn and low internal engagement from your data scientists and data engineers
  • Lack of training and development resources tailored to the needs and growth areas of each individual on your team

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Matt Cowell, CEO

Matt Cowell, CEO
Matt serves as CEO at QuantHub, responsible for leading the company’s strategy, growth, and operations. Matt has a passion for developing authentic relationships with customers to truly understand what drives them, and then crafting creative solutions to their most critical problems. Prior to joining QuantHub, Matt spent the last 15 years running product and tech at PE-backed companies, including building a product and engineering organization at Daxko to deliver 10x revenue growth, 7 acquisitions, and 3 enormously successful recapitalizations in just 10 years. While at Daxko, Matt led the team to deliver the first machine learning/AI solution to the market, predicting customer membership churn and also propensity to donate.

Josh Jones, Founder/Chairman

Josh Jones, Founder/Chairman
Josh is the original founder of QuantHub and continues to play an advisory role to QuantHub as Chairman. Josh serves as Managing Partner of StrategyWise and oversees executive strategy and advancement for the organization. Before founding StrategyWise and QuantHub, Josh started and sold multiple businesses in Asia, North and South America. With fluency in 4 languages and work experience in over 40 countries, Josh has played a key role in landing strategic accounts with numerous multi-national firms such as Toshiba, Samsung, and Kirin Beer. He has been quoted by Forbes, CIO, InformationWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Atlanta Business Chronicle and is a regular speaker and lecturer in Universities and conferences across the US.

Nathan Black, Chief Data Scientist

Nathan Black, Chief Data Scientist
Nathan is responsible for all aspects of data science at QuantHub, from the methodology used to evaluate quant skills to the post-testing analytics to assess and tune the QuantHub platform. Nathan has extensive experience in applying data science to solve challenging business problems, primarily in retail, healthcare, and energy utilities. Before joining QuantHub, he served as the Managing Director at StrategyWise, where he led the team in planning and implementing end-to-end data science solutions for clients. Prior to joining StrategyWise, Nathan led a team in Japan as Regional Director at the University of Maryland University College where he played a key role in designing degree mapping predictive models to maximize student academic success.