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Two Reasons to Try QuantHub Amidst COVID-19

One internal question our team is asking in the midst of COVID-19, is how QuantHub can support companies in this unprecedented time.

This is the question we’ve been asking internally: how can a skills assessment platform help employees, individuals, and organizations who’re operating on limited budgets, working from home, and facing overwhelming new realities?

Two use-cases for QuantHub clearly emerged, and we want to be sure you can take advantage of these opportunities for free. So, we invite you to try QuantHub’s premium skill-assessment platform free for 30 days.


Here’s how you can deploy it: 

Identify Positive Skill Gaps 

“Skill Gaps” and “Skill Gap Analysis” are common HR terms, but they’re almost always referencing deficiencies in skills. What if, instead, you look for the skill gaps that signal someone is underemployed, a natural problem solver, and has the tools needed for more challenging work? We call these, “positive skill gaps.”

 QuantHub provides the assessments you need to quickly identify positive skill gaps. Instead of disqualifying someone based on current role and/or technology experience, assess their skills, uncover natural abilities, and then train them on the technology.


This is a sample of skills tested through the QuantHub platform.


Manage Large Numbers of Applicants

Unfortunately, more people are seeking employment than ever before. As jobs are posted, it’s fair to expect a higher volume of applicants. For data roles, the right skills are paramount.  

QuantHub’s assessments test for competency in several programming languages and a range of data skills. Hiring managers receive comprehensive reports ranking the best candidates for the job by Q-Score. Q-score is QuantHub’s unique scoring that determines not only top-skill level, but also best fit for the role.


This funnel shows how QuantHub helps shrink talent pipelines.


If you need help with: 1) Identifying positive Skill Gaps and/or 2) Managing Large Numbers of Applicants, QuantHub is here to help. Join a free trial and test the product for yourself. Have questions? Talk to our team!


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