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Webinar Recap: Rebuilding the Workforce with a 2020 Perspective

The world looks dramatically different than it did a few months ago. How do these changes impact how companies build and rebuild their workforce?

QuantHub’s CEO, Matt Cowell, sat down with PointLeader CEO, Dr. Scott Davies, to discuss how leaders can adapt to the rapid changes happening in our world.


What Skills do Team Members Need for Remote Work?

Dr. Davies shared research on the different personality traits needed for “all remote work” and “some remote work.” His research exposed certain traits like extraversion and agreeableness are not good for remote work, while traits like conscientiousness and sensibility are very important in remote work employees.

Knowing which traits thrive better in remote work help managers provide structure and open conversation to those who’re not naturally a good fit. Matt discussed the importance of helping your team adapt, “As managers, it’s important to know your team and help individuals thrive in their new environment.”


How Unemployment Yields Better Job Fit

In the last 5 years unemployment was so low that there was not as much opportunity for companies to improve their workforce. Jobs needed to be filled and there were less people to fill them.

“This is an opportunity for people to look at their hiring processes and increase diversity and increase talent,” Dr. Davies said.

One silver-lining of this high unemployment period is that both individuals and companies can reassess job fit more pragmatically. It’s hopeful to imagine people will re-enter the workforce in roles that fit better than before.


Evaluate and Eliminate Biased Hiring Processes 

2020 might be the reset button we never wanted. However, it would be a shame to continue old, biased hiring processes. Hiring a more diverse workforce has never been more important.

Matt Cowell shared his experience on hiring a diverse technical workforce: “Technical leaders will say, ‘We don’t have minorities in the hiring funnel.’ But, if you go and read the job descriptions the vocabulary reinforces a certain culture that might not portray inclusivity. So, you’re actually reducing the diversity of your hiring pool before you even start screening people.”

“Additionally, when we hire from our networks we inevitably hire people who look like us,” said Cowell.


Dr. Davies and Matt answer questions from the audience on everything from using assessments to retain employees to the validity of situational judgement tests. To watch the full webinar click here.



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