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QuantHub and Intech Ideas Launch Partnership

A new partnership with Intech Ideas allows QuantHub to better resource leaders who’re focused on the “future of work.” Intech Ideas has 20 years of experience providing HCM technology solutions. The team at Intech Ideas provides the specialized knowledge, expertise, resources and support HR industry professionals need to realize the full potential of their HCM systems and data.

To kickoff the partnership between Intech Ideas and QuantHub, Matt Cowell, CEO of QuantHub, went on the Intech Ideas podcast to discuss the importance of data literacy. Listen here! 



Further, this new partnership combines Intech Ideas’ consulting, implementation, and support services, with QuantHub’s data talent skills evaluation and development platform to create a powerful enabler for the future of work.

Matt Cowell, CEO of QuantHub, commented on the announcement, “QuantHub and Intech Ideas are both passionate about helping companies future-proof their workforce. Investing in the data skills of employees is a key part of a company’s future success, and the ones that will win over the next ten years are investing in the data skills of employees today. QuantHub is thrilled to partner with the InTech team in this effort. Together we will enable organizations to deliver on the power of AI by providing them with tools to develop data talent and expertise to produce a high performing workforce.”

Skip Marshall, CEO of Intech Ideas, added, “In line with our mission to empower companies in the future of work, QuantHub brings a new dynamic to enabling companies to prepare their workforces for a data-driven future. The combination of InTech Ideas and Quanthub brings an effective combination to ensure readiness for our customers’ needed data skills.”

To find out more about this partnership visit: https://get.quanthub.com/intech/


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