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A Data-Driven Approach to Hiring and Upskilling Employees


Building a strong advanced analytics team isn’t about finding a data science unicorn, but about bringing together a diverse team with unique skill sets. Our assessments give insights into the skills candidates do (and don’t) have.


Our assessments give hiring managers a complete picture of what skills your candidates do and don’t have, because we believe building an exceptional advanced analytics team isn’t about finding a data science unicorn, but about bringing together a diverse team with unique skill sets.

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Assess all things Data

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Create Custom Assessments By Role

Measure conceptual understanding alongside programming language proficiency. Our assessments are designed to test your highest-level data scientists and data engineers as well as functional analysts and entry-level data roles.

Receive Clear Results for Easy Decisions

QuantHub Reports use a radar chart to show both breadth and depth of the skills assessed. This gives each candidate a Q-score related to job fit. Hiring managers get a clear view into who has the strongest data skills overall, not just in one area.

Validate Final Candidates with Real-World Data Challenges

In order to evaluate practical application and job-readiness, send final candidates a QuantHub data challenge. Each recipient of a data challenge is given access to a Jupyter Notebook, a data set, and a series of project responsibilities and questions to solve.

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Providing the same training for people of varying skill levels is not effective, and maneuvering through a sea of online learning is overwhelming. QuantHub’s unique upskilling approach helps companies level-up the data skills of employees in a way that’s both effective and efficient.

Make Learning and Upskilling Part of Your Team’s DNA

Deploy Personalized Learning for All Team Members

Using frequent, low-risk assessments, QuantHub creates an individualized upskilling plan for each employee on your team. Individuals receive targeted learning activities based on their unique skill set.

Measure Skill Growth Not Training Hours

Prove L&D investment provides returns by measuring individual skill progression and linking L&D data to retention and business outcomes. With QuantHub your employees are on a perpetual growth trajectory, and the growth is quantitative.

Build a Data-Literate Workforce

Create an internal talent pipeline that allows for employees to upskill and reskill faster. As individuals gain confidence through transparency into their growing data skills organizations are primed to execute on projects that increase business impact.

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If you have a shared passion for AI, you will fit right in. We look forward to working with you.

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