A Frictionless Approach to Hiring and Upskilling Employees


Building a strong advanced analytics team isn’t about finding data science and data engineering unicorns, but about bringing together a diverse team with unique skill sets. Our assessments give insights into the skills candidates do (and don’t) have.

Create Custom Assessments By Role

Measure conceptual understanding alongside programming language proficiency. Our assessments are designed to test your highest-level data scientists and data engineers as well as functional analysts and entry-level data roles.

data science skill test
assessment report

Receive Clear Results For Easy Decisions

QuantHub reports use a radar chart to show both breadth and depth of the skills assessed. This gives each candidate a Q-score related to job fit. Hiring managers get a clear view into who has the strongest data skills overall, not just in one area.

Validate Final Candidates With Real-world Data Challenges

In order to evaluate practical application and job-readiness, send final candidates a QuantHub data challenge. Each recipient of a data challenge is given access to a Jupyter Notebook, a data set, and a series of project responsibilities and questions.

SQL quiz

Solve your Data Skills Gap in 10 minutes per Day.

QuantHub Upskill closes the data skills gap all companies are facing by delivering a solution that’s scalable for the enterprise, personalized for the learner, and proven to level-up the data skills of employees.

Traditional Corporate Learning Is BORING And Worse: FORGOTTEN.


of information in long-form instruction is forgotten within one month of learning

10-15 min

The attention span during live or on-demand instruction


dollars wasted on ineffective corporate training

Upskilling Designed for Learners


Short learning activities designed to take ten minutes or less. These activities can be delivered through our Microsoft Teams bot or Slack bot.


Frequent knowledge checks allow QuantHub to know an individual’s current skill level and provide them with the next right step.


Choose your cliche, but the truth is, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Daily learning, compounded over time, with the exact right learning is the only way to upskill an entire enterprise effectively. That’s what we do best.

Science-Backed Learning

Increases Effectiveness of Learning

Spaced Repetition

Reviewing material right before a learner is about to forget it, and forcing active recall helps build skill strength and retention. LEARN MORE

Micro Learning

Bite-sized learning that allows learners to acquire new information based on realistic attention spans. LEARN MORE

Focus on Foundations

Learning in the platform is transferable because of the focus on foundational understanding and mastering skills with staying power. LEARN MORE

QuantHub’s assessments have been very accurate in predicting how a candidate performs in the interview, and ultimately, the role itself.  They save us valuable time and allow us to dive deeper in interviews knowing that we already have confidence in a candidate’s fundamental coding and modeling skills.




Hire and upskill a workforce with the skills to deliver on the power of AI.