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1 User, 50 Candidates Screened Annually


12-Month Agreement


2 Users, 200 Candidates Screened Annually


12-Month Agreement


Custom Users, High-Volume Candidates Screened Annually

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# of Candidates Screened Annually 50 200 Request Details
# of Full-Access Admin Users 1 1 Custom
Standard Data Skills Assessments
Custom Skills Assessments
Standard Data Challenges
Industry Specific Data Challenges
In Depth Skill Graphs/Reporting
Premium Reporting
ATS Integration
Customer Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Monthly Subscription Price $239 $589 Custom Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a custom quote based on the size and scope of your organization. Contact Us and we will get you a quote right away!

QuantHub’s per candidate model is advantageous to our customers because it allows you to send multiple skill assessments and/or data challenges to an individual candidate. This allows you to take full advantage of QuantHub hiring solution.

A data challenge is a way to evaluate practical application of data skills. Each recipient of a data challenge is given access to a Jupyter Notebook, a data set, and a series of project responsibilities and questions to solve.

For both our hiring and upskill solutions, users have access to our customer support team via email and live chat. Enterprise accounts will also be assigned an account manager.

QuantHub accepts all major credit cards. Enterprise accounts are eligible for invoicing as needed.

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