QuantHub Chip   for Microsoft Teams

Learn data skills in the flow of work.

QuantHub Chip

Receive learning reminders, learn new skills, and search for relevant data content all inside Microsoft Teams when you use the QuantHub Chip chatbot!

Note: You must have a QuantHub Upskill account to use the Microsoft Teams integration.
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How to Install QuantHub Chip for Teams

Teams & QuantHub Integration

1. Visit the apps section of Microsoft Teams

2. Search for QuantHub Chip

3. Click to open the app details

4. Click Add to install

5. Chat “Hello!” to Chip

6. All set! Follow Chip’s lead

Note: Microsoft Team owners have the ability to restrict external apps. If you’re not able to find and add QuantHub Chip, request it from your Team owner! Some apps can only be added by the Team owner due to additional permission requirements.