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Announcing New NLP Logix and QuantHub Partnership

QuantHub is excited to announce a new partnership with NLP Logix – an AI solutions company that delivers holistic opportunity assessments for organizations looking to apply new AI/ML technologies.

This new partnership will allow companies to not only identify possible ways to apply AI/ML to their operations, but also map out the technical skills needed for each project.


How does the QuantHub + NLP Logix Partnership work?

NLP Logix will complete an analytics assessment and provide organizations with an AI roadmap that identifies the best use cases for applying AI and expected ROI.

After the NLP Logix recommendations QuantHub will use talent assessments to help get the right team in place. Through skill assessments, QuantHub will baseline the skills of current team members to isolate skill gaps and talent needs. QuantHub will then deliver recommendations for hiring and upskilling.



Why this Partnership?

The partnership between QuantHub and NLP is designed to make it easier for companies to build and deploy AI/ML. That’s easier said than done! According to a recent Alegion survey, 81% of respondents admit the process of training AI with data is more difficult than they expected. 

In fact, as more data is created than ever before, it’s harder for companies to launch projects driven by artificial intelligence. But, despite the fact that it’s more challenging, it’s also key to a company’s survival. Accenture recently reported AI can increase business productivity by 40% and boost profitability by 38%. Which means, despite the challenges of advanced analytics projects, the cost of not using AI/ML is too great. 

The NLP and QuantHub partnership is designed to get companies headed in the right direction with game-changing AI initiatives. In fact, with the right processes and the right people the chances of success greatly increase.



Next Steps

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