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Incredible October!

October was quite a month for us at QuantHub. First, we brought on a couple awesome new team members, Brianne and Peter! Brianne brings a great design / creative background, a marketing / positioning mind, and an empathetic heart for customers. Peter brings an incredible sense of ownership, great dev chops, and also an empathetic heart for customers. It’s certainly no coincidence they both have that common trait, as we’re building that into our DNA right from the start!

From a customer perspective, October was incredible. We had 3800+ data scientists take assessments using our platform (yes, 3800!) as part of customer data science recruiting processes. We also had great conversations with several companies in this space and there are 3 clear trends that stood out regarding data science recruiting/vetting and ongoing professional development:

Most companies aren’t satisfied with the quality of their candidate tech vetting process. What they really need is a standardized process that takes into account the broad skills data scientists need in order to be successful.

Although some companies are satisfied with the quality of their candidate tech vetting process, most agree it’s taking too much time from internal data scientists to make it happen. Given the supply/demand issue in the data scientist market, this is a particularly significant issue.

Most companies are struggling to engage their current data scientist team members in ongoing skill development in a meaningful way. Current training options are too generic and they aren’t tied to the exact development needs and career aspirations of each individual.

Fortunately, these three themes are ones that we directly address with our automated data science skill testing platform and targeted individual skill development planning. Here’s to a great November and December!

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