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QuantHub Offers Two Data Science Scholarships

Universities are actively expanding offerings for students to study data science. The demand for data science talent is growing, and students are hungry for the opportunity to pursue a career in the big data and advanced analytics fields.

As universities offer more programs, QuantHub wants to play a small part in encouraging students from different backgrounds to pursue degrees in data science.

For this reason, QuantHub is offering two data science scholarships, one for minorities in data science and one for women in data science.


Diversity in Data Science Scholarship

Ethnic minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics represent less than 12% of Data Scientists and less than 7% of all tech jobs. The reasons for this lack of data science industry diversity are many, including natural interviewer bias, lack of access to strong STEM subject programs, lack of exposure to computing technology and a lack of role models.

If you are a minority studying data science apply here.


Women in Data Science Scholarship

Gender diversity in tech and data science is still lacking. Women still represent a low percentage of workers in the data science field.  Many factors have been cited as contributing to this, one of which is unconscious bias on the part of male hiring managers who have historically dominated the tech and data science sectors.  Bias in general is a key driver of the lack of diversity in tech, including data science, data engineering and data analytics fields.

If you are a female studying data science apply here.


QuantHub’s Commitment to Fair, Unbiased Hiring Practices

A critical benefit of QuantHub’s skill assessment platform is its potential to reduce bias in the recruitment process and therefore increase diversity in tech and analytical teams.  We also know that diversity in data science teams is critical to success.  We’re committed to providing employers with a skill assessment tool that enables unbiased and objective hiring processes.  

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Having more diverse teams starts with having a more diverse talent pool. QuantHub’s diversity in data science scholarships are just a steppingstone in the pursuit of a diverse data science field.

The scholarship deadline is May 8, 2020. Winners will be announced June 1.

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