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Why should I improve my data skills?

Communicate more effectively

Data skills allow you to know the right questions to ask at the right time from the right people. Being able to communicate better with a technical team provides for more productivity and clarity. Without this key skill, you could be setting yourself up for wasting your and the technical team’s time.

Independence and time saving

Self-reliance is a major asset for anyone. Being able to extract your own data insights, communicate them in a visualization, interpret dashboards, and make independent data-driven decisions empowers you to skip the data analytics silo and increase your own marketability.

Make better decisions

Decisions are tough. Having data to back up a choice is easier. It is that simple.

Turn ideas into action

Backing up your ideas with data makes them more likely to be approved or positively received

More opportunities

No matter your role or department, being able to translate data insights into business value means that you are more valuable as an employee.

What skills can I learn with QuantHub?

With Free Trial access, you’ll be able to complete the Data Citizen Sprint which includes the following skills:

Identifying data sources

Identifying data use cases

Interpreting metrics

Interpreting chart data encoding

Interpreting charts

Preparing data for decision-making

Applying data to decision-making

Applying intelligent decision-making

Evaluating data quality

Managing data ethics

Once you level up, you can choose to upgrade your account to gain access to more levels:

Data Citizen

Data Storyteller

Data Strategist

Data Explorer

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