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QuantHub Launches Data Science Scholarships for Diversity

We’re launching two data science scholarships to support undergraduate candidates of diverse backgrounds who are pursuing a degree related to a data science career.  The Data Science Diversity Scholarship will support a student of an ethic minority background who is pursuing a data science related undergraduate or graduate degree. Similarly the Women in Data Science Scholarship will be awarded to a female student who is pursuing a career as a Data Scientist.

Why Promote Diversity with Data Science Scholarships?


Data and research shows that, despite rapid growth in data science jobs, both women and minorities are still largely underrepresented in this field. For example, the above chart depicting data from recruiting firm BurtchWorks’ 2019 Salary study shows that women are still largely missing from the data science and analytics fields. Statistics for ethnic minorities in data science depicted in the chart to the right show that they represent about 25% of the field, with African Americans and Hispanics representing just 4% and 7% respectively.

One reason for the lack of diversity in the tech and data science industries is educational constraints. We’re not talking about a lack of data science degree programs – there are plenty of those now.  Rather, there is a continued lack of women and minorities majoring in related degree programs such as computer science.  Although the data in the graph below is a few years old, the trend remains more or less the same with white males dominating computer science degree programs. The same data that produced this graph also showed that, although African Americans represent 13% and Hispanics 10% of the general population in the USA, they represent respectively just 6% and 4% of computer science majors.


Why Diversity in Data Science is Valuable

This lack of diversity is according to experts and researchers potentially detrimental to corporate data teams. For starters, studies suggest that by hiring a diverse tech team companies can boost revenue.  We’ve also been told by numerous Chief Data Scientists and other analytics leaders that diversity is critical to their teams’ development and success. The differing views, experience and backgrounds that women and minorities bring to data science teams and tech teams in general can contribute new ideas to modelling approaches, product development and analytical thinking, among other valuable contributions. 

Data Science Diversity Scholarships Foster QuantHub’s Mission

QuantHub’s platform has been designed, using unbiased AI-driven techniques to objectively assess the data wrangling, data modelling, data exploration and coding skills of any candidate from anywhere in the world. We’ve spent time and money validating the lack of bias in assessment techniques and outcomes of our AI-driven platform because we want companies to feel confident that the candidate scores they see reflect the true potential of a data science professional. To this effect, we seek other ways to level the playing field in the hiring process for tech and data science jobs. That is where the scholarships come into play.

Data Science Scholarship Information

Find out more information about the Data Science Diversity Scholarship here.

Find out more information about the Women in Data Science Scholarship here.

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