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Announcing QuantHub’s Campus Data Challenge!

October 5-8 QuantHub is hosting its Back to School Campus Data Challenge! Register by October 3 for your chance to score high and win!

Why Participate in the QuantHub Data Challenge?

This is a great opportunity for university students of data science, computer science, statistics, math, analytics and engineering to test out their technical skills with a real-world challenge used by employers on the QuantHub platform. The challenge is intermediate level and for undergraduates and graduate students only (no PhD’s).

There’s a cash prize to be won – $1000 to the highest scorer, and $1000 to the university with the highest average score (minimum 5 participants). And the university who enlists the highest number of participants will get a pizza party for their Data Science, Computer Science or other club/group of their choosing! All candidates scoring above 90% will receive a QuantHub Certificate of Achievement.

We’ll be publishing a university leader board during the entire data challenge and updating scores along the way. Get your university’s name up there!

Register now using this link: https://info.quanthub.com/campuschallenge

Current Data Challenge Participants

Here’s the list of universities who have signed up so far (updated daily). Make sure your’s is on the list!! 

Register now using this link: https://info.quanthub.com/campuschallenge

University/College Degree Programs Represented Data Science Dream Jobs Examples
Arizona State

Business Data Analytics

Supply Chain Management

Computer Information Systems

Supply Chain Data Analyst

Business Analyst

Machine Learning Engineer


Alabama A&M

Computer Science

Computer Engineer

IT Specialist

Security Analyst

Penetration Testing

Game Design

Boston University



Calvin University

B.A. Data Science

Business Owner

Columbia University

Masters in Data Science

Masters in Business Analytics

B.S. Applied Mathematics

Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences

B.A. Computer Science

B.S. Operations Research Analytics

M.S. in Financial Engineering

Start up Data Scientist

Probabilistic Machine Learning

Finance Quant in Trading

Media Researcher

Machine Learning @Two Sigma

Deep Learning Researcher

Data Scientist with impact on society

Become a valuable asset to a company

Davenport University

Computer Information Systems

Using data to stop child pornography

DePaul University

Master’s in Data Science

Master’s in Predictive Analytics

Working for the American Cancer Society

Sports Analyst

Working in the music industry

To work for a good cause

Duke University


Business Analytics

Data Analyst
Georgia State University

Master’s in Computer Science

Master’s of Science in Analytics


Data Scientist

Founder of a Cyber Security Firm

Georgia Institute of Technology

Master’s in Network Engineering

AI Ideation for Synergistic Disruption

Harvard University Master’s in Data Science Fintech
Idaho State University

B.A. in Psychology


Indiana University Bloomington

Masters in Data Science

Data Scientist at Quora

Louisiana State University

B.S. Computer Science


Luther College


B.S. Data Science

Computational and Systems Neuroscience

Data Scientist

McGill University B.A. Computer Science Data Scientist
Miami University B.S. Mathematics and Statistics Data Scientist
Michigan State University Master’s in Business Analytics Data Scientist
Millsaps College    
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Actuarial Science


Northeastern University

Master’s in Information Systems

Computer Systems Engineering

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Scientist at Google

Data Analyst for a financial firm

Data Scientist

Oklahoma State Master’s in Information Systems Data Scientist
Penn State Computer Science Fashion Analyst
Purdue University Fort Wayne M.S. Applied Mathematics Data Scientist
Purdue University, Indianapolis Masters Data Scientist
Rice University B.S. Statistics Data Scientist
Rutgers University    
Simmons University Data Science and Analytics Research analysis on pediatric oncology studies
State University at Buffalo Master’s in Computer Science

Data engineering lead

Machine learning engineer

Data Scientist

AI Engineer

Game Developer

Data Miner

Statistical Learning Researcher

Software BackEnd Developer

Computer Vision Engineer

Thomas Edison State University

B.S. Data Science and Analytics

B.A. Computer Science and Mathematics

Quantitative Developer

University of Alabama Birmingham

B.S. Computer Science

Master’s in Data Science

Data Engineer

UC Berkeley

Master’s in Statistics

Masters in Information & Data Science

Bachelors in ?

Data Scientist

Quant Researcher

University of British Columbia

Master of Data Science

Data Scientist in Aviation


M.A. in Statistics

Master’s in Information and Data Science


Quant researcher

University of Chicago

Master’s in Analytics

Data Scientist

University of Cincinnati

Master’s in Business Analytics

Football/Sports Analyst

Strategic Business Analyst

Amazon Data Scientist

Automotive Data Scientist

Marketing Analyst

Data Scientist at Google

Decision Scientist

Management Consultant

University of Colorado Denver

B.S. Computer Science

Master’s in Computer Science

Data Science and Biomedicine

Data Engineer

Data Scientist

University of Denver

Master’s in Data Science

Something meaningful and exciting

University of Georgia

Public Relations

Work for Disney

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Masters in Financial Engineering


University of Illinois at Chicago



University of Maryland, College Park

Data Science

Data Scientist

University of North Dakota

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Data Scientist

University of San Francisco

Master’s in Health Informatics

To disprove conjecture using data analysis.

Data analyst

University of Southern California

Masters in Financial Engineering

Masters in Computer Science

B.S. Computer Science

Applied Data Science

Data Informatics

Security Data Scientist/Threat Modeling

Deep Learning Engineer @ Google

Decision Scientist Human Behavior

Data Scientist

Designing AI for robots, self driving cars

To make an impact much bigger than myself

Data Analytics for an NBA team

A senior double agent data hacker pirate for Facebook

To work with smart people on cool projects

University of Texas, Austin

 B.S. Economics

Data Scientist role with causal analysis

University of Texas Dallas

Master’s in Business Analytics


Masters’ of Science in Data Analytics

Data Scientist

University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

B.S. Computer Science

Data Scientist

University of Toronto

Computer Science

B.S. Statistics and Mathematics

Data analyst for top tech company

Data Scientist for an NBA team

Wake Forest University

M.S. Business Analytics


Washington University St. Louis

B.S. in Computer Science

B.S. Mathematics

B.S. Finance

B.S. Computer Engineering

IoT Security Analyst

Work for a start up


Machine Learning expert

CEO of tech giant

Working for an MLB team

Working in healthcare to increase social equity

Infrastructure architect

Yale University

M.A. Statistics

Data Scientist

York University

Computer Engineering


Data Analyst

Machine Learning Specialist


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