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Skills We Validate

Data Literacy

To build a strong data culture, companies must have data skills in all levels and functions. Baseline the skills of your team with QuantHub’s data literacy assessments.

Deploy Personalized Learning For All Team Members

Using our unique, targeted learning approach, QuantHub creates an individualized upskilling plan for each employee on your team. Individuals receive targeted learning activities based on their unique skill set.
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Measure Skill Growth Not Training Hours

Prove L&D investment provides returns by measuring individual skill progression and linking L&D data to retention and business outcomes. With QuantHub your employees are on a perpetual growth trajectory, and the growth is quantitative.

Build A Data-literate Workforce

Create an internal talent pipeline that allows for employees to upskill and reskill faster. As individuals gain confidence through transparency into their growing data skills, organizations are primed to execute on projects that increase business impact.

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If you have a shared passion for AI, you will fit right in. We look forward to working with you.

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