Jen DuBois By: Jen DuBois

Burtch Works Predicts Continuing Strong Demand for Data Scientists in 2019

On the heels of our recent blog “Is There a Data Scientist Shortage in 2019?” we discovered that the Data Science recruitment experts at Burtch Works predict strong demand for Data Scientists in 2019 and continued “fierce competition for talent”.  They would know. They certainly have their finger on the pulse of hiring trends and demand for analytics positions.

Recognizing that companies still face significant hiring difficulties for Data Science talent, in their latest blog article “Trying to Hire Data Scientists? Here’s How to Do It” Burtch Works suggests 3 ways companies can tackle these challenges. They’re brief and to the point. Some you might recognize (beware of Unicorns!), others are a bit less commonly discussed.  Worth a brief 2 minute read!


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