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Top Roles in AI and Data Science

Did you know that building your Data Science team is a lot like making pizza?   This week, we’re revisiting one of our favorite pieces of advice on how to build a successful Data Science team.  Not only is the article “Top Roles in AI and Data Science” a highly entertaining read (there’s an analogy to the Loch Ness Monster in it as well), it’s also a highly authoritative opinion from Google’s Chief Decision Intelligence Engineer, Cassie Cozyrkov.

Among other pearls of wisdom Cozyrkov suggests:

Applied data science is a team sport that’s highly interdisciplinary. Diversity of perspective matters! In fact, perspective and attitude matter at least as much as education and experience.

If you’re thinking about how to build out your organisation’s Data Science capabilities, take a look at Cozyrkov’s proposed decision intelligence engineering approach, which suggests the order in which companies should hire appropriate skill sets to build Data Science capabilities.  You might be surprised that hiring a true Data Scientist is #6 on the list of recruits!  Find out what your priority hires should be, in what order, and why.

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